In 1959, the Laval site, built in 1939, after various productions, launched an extrusion activity and produced the first forgings for the automobile industry in 1962.
With 60 years of experience, the Laval site is the benchmark in France for cold forging for automobiles and employs more than 280 employees.

The plant transforms 10,000 tons of steel every year and produces 35 million forged parts, processed and machined in 7 groups of parts: satellites and planetary gear of differentials, tripods and transmission nuts, anti-theft sleeves, crosspieces, brake pistons, wheel rockets.

The Laval site is solely dedicated to the automotive market, producing steel parts for light vehicles and utility vehicles.

The plant has 3 main and historical areas of know-how: cold and mid-heat forging, surface treatment (degreasing, stripping, phosphating, soaping, graphitization, shot blasting, protective coating) and heat treatment (cementation, nitro carburizing, quenching, tempering). Walor Laval also has a machining and grinding fleet to complete its range of skills.
This wide range of know-how allows the site to deliver semi-finished or raw forged products, ready to be assembled at equipment manufacturers or car manufacturers.
In addition, the plant has a fully internally integrated process, from the surface treatment of the steel coils to machining and final surface treatment; a real productivity factor for Walor Laval.

Its main productions:
Gear box differential: satellite and planetary gear bolts

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Walor Laval

94 Rue St-Melaine
53004 Laval
Téléphone +33 (0)2 43 59 62 53
Code APE 2550 A
SIREN 399 198 951
SIRET 399 198 951 00044