The 1600 employees of the group are at the heart of our know-how, quality and performance. Our sites, with a human scale allow proximity, dynamism and flexibility, to respond better and faster to each of our customers’s expectations. At Walor, collective intelligence, teamwork, optimism, humility, well-being, suggestions and participation are the keys to success.

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Our employees are talented

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.
That’s why our 1600 employees in France, Germany, Romania, China and Mexico have, over time, developed strong skills in the areas of forging and machining.
To help them, we invest in training every year, in particular by sharing the expertise of our experts internally or through qualifying training.
Here, employees are at the center of know-how, quality and performance.
We believe that teamwork and everyone’s participation are the keys to success.
We also take special care to integrate our new employees, particularly during an immersion course that includes the presentation of the various departments of the company and several days in situ on our production lines.


The well-being of our employees, a priority


78% of employees find the atmosphere good in their department


95% of employees say their work and the quality of their work are important to the success of the company


88% of employees think that their manager trusts them

Walor internal survey of 1057 employees who answered, September 2018

The personality

Combining our talents to build the new Walor together

For us, where there is a problem, there is a solution. Those who do are those who know, so through listening and being inclusive, each situation is an opportunity to improve.