Deployment of production on 3 continents and in 5 countries, co-design, multi-product offer in the automotive and energy market, industrial excellence, sense of service, integrity, support and international development of its partners; Walor teams listen to their customers, and make every effort to satisfy them and maintain their trust.

A recognized expert

With more than 98% of its business focused on cars and industrial vehicles, Walor has built a long-term relationship of trust with its customers, especially by following them outside France to offer them worldwide support in Asia, North America and Eastern Europe.

With 10 production sites, each with their own history and process specificities, Walor has been supplying the world’s leading manufacturers and equipment manufacturers for several decades. Recognized expert in cold forging, semi-hot, machining for both steel and aluminum parts, Walor is a force for innovation facing the technical and environmental challenges of the market.

Its mission is clear: to go with their customers beyond technic.