The Walor Group capitalizes on 100 years of innovation to design and supply complete mechanical solutions: pioneering in free cutting since 1919 in the Arve Valley, forerunner of precision forging for cars for 60 years in Laval and innovator in piece parts in Lege since 1993.
The rapid development of prototypes and the combination of technologies make it possible to offer tailor-made solutions, relying on a dedicated development center and a test laboratory that is unique in Europe. Bold in design, agile and pragmatic in implementation, Walor’s teams provide customers with the most innovative solutions.


“Beyond technic” for signature, a choice made.

Go beyond the merely technical, more than a desire, the leitmotiv of the group. Beyond sites on a human scale: proximity, dynamism and flexibility to respond better and faster to customer expectations.

Beyond its mastery of both the forging and machining trades, technical expertise and the reliability of its processes make Walor the benchmark supplier of complete mechanical solutions in France and abroad.

Beyond production, the group’s teams provide mechanical solutions to customer issues. The development of products and processes is embedded in the DNA of the group.

The teams in place at the “Walor Innovation & Development” (WI & D) division have the means of design, simulation and prototyping to offer our customers the most advanced technical and economic solution. All this for one purpose: to develop technical solutions to meet the changing nature of vehicles: weight reduction, electrification of engines, new functions related to autonomy …

The proximity of development and production teams to industrial sites is helped by cross sector project management organizations. This management method makes it possible to respect customer commitments, but also internally, by integrating manufacturing constraints from the design stage.

Solutions adapted to your needs

WALOR offers its customers innovative processes to best meet market requirements for quality, cost and capacity.
Various innovative solutions have already been put in place by the “innovation and development” teams (WI & D), which are constantly working to propose and test these processes.

Cold forged helical gears

The application of automatic transmissions with the spread of hybrid vehicles is becoming more and more important. WI & D has developed helical gears used systematically for these systems manufactured by cold forging. Obtaining the forged helical gear with excellent surface quality allows a significant increase in fatigue strength and drastically reduces gear noise.

Lighter transmission shafts

The reduction of onboard masses is an important issue in the automotive industry in order to reduce CO2 emissions.
WI & D has developed an economical process for obtaining a light transmission shaft by cold extrusion.
This type of component, in serial application for several years, reduces about 1 kg of mass on a vehicle.

Process optimization for material and economic gain.

WI & D is attentive to the entire production chain, from raw materials to the finished part and offers processes that also reduce the cost of the raw material.
Since 2012, we have developed a manufacturing process based on optimized blank castings, thus meeting the casting machine’s capacity (1 ton per hour), thereby reducing the foundry’s added value by 50% , and also that of machining, where initially the shapes of casting blanks were only loaded onto the casting line at 500kg / h.

Multi directional applied forging

WI & D has always been a pioneer in the innovative design of specific mounting brackets, meeting the needs of manufacturers (bodywork reinforcement, battery mounts, …).
The industrial tools available enable a perfect mastery of multi directional forging necessary to obtain specific shapes.

Development of specific equipment to reduce production costs.

Since its creation, Walor’s spirit has always been to stand out and offer innovative processes to reduce production costs.
Like this safety part, machined in free cutting. Walor produces hundreds of millions of parts every year, a significant market share among the leading automotive safety players around the world.