The factory was founded in 2007 in Sfântu Gheorghe, a place steeped in the history of the automotive industry.
The site started up with employees with significant technical knowledge, from former factories in the city, which allowed it in a short time to become a key player in the Walor Group.

Its location near Brasov helped the development of the business with Autoliv Brasov to make it the first customer of the site.
The Walor Legé team supported and trained Sfantu Gheorghe’s teams to meet the local needs of several customers by organizing the transfer of several productions.
The plant now has about 220 employees.
The site produces parts mainly for the passive safety market (airbag, airbag curtain and pretension), engine (injector), clutch and braking. Deliveries are made throughout Europe, the United States, Singapore and Mexico.
In addition to manual and automatic controls, the site can perform other measurements, dimensions and technical cleanliness.
Employees love challenges and are ready to face them.
“For us, there is no such word as IMPOSSIBLE. The IMPOSSIBLE will always become POSSIBLE.”

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Walor Sf. Gheorghe

Street Constructorilor nr.2
52077 Sfantu Gheorge
Phone +40 367800184
Code APE 2562
Capital Social 34 000 RON