Our strengths

Team spirit

Combining our talents to build the new Walor together

Customer focused

Know our markets, listen to our customers, anticipate their expectations

100 years of innovation

Innovate and design complete mechanical solutions


Develop our know-how and provide ready-to-assemble products

Our 4 strategic axes

Develop the preferred supplier of our customers

Enhance teamwork through transversal projects and a comprehensive approach to topics

Generate simplified cash flow to support our development

Develop employees well-being  trough our organizations

Group management

Eric Lorin

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Lorin

Chief Executive Officer

“Alone, we go faster, together, we go further”
This African proverb summarizes my desired trajectory for the group.
In an increasingly individualistic world, it is tempting to run ahead of everyone to get there first. Trying to have it all, not turning around to see the extent of the damage to our comrades. But if 10% of our comrades survive, this means 90% were unable to follow. Will we still be strong enough to face adversity? Of course not.
“Together” also means cultivating our differences. The diversity of our unique features creates the wealth of the group. Let’s encourage initiatives, respect the right to make mistakes. Developing “working together” is a difficult path. We will have to fight daily to achieve it, but it’s the only route to lasting success.
For me, the company is a way to help employees make their professional career an inspiring time, allowing them to flourish and thus ensure the future of the company.
I come from the field, I did production in 3 × 8, I set machines, then moved on to the areas of technology, commerce and management. I am therefore committed to providing production with everything it needs to work with peace of mind, while meeting the needs of customers.

By developing empowerment, we encourage everyone to feel responsible for their results and to innovate to improve everyone’s performance

Philippe Giudicelli-Vernet

Chief Financial Officer

Our internal management’s high level of requirements contributes to a strustful relationship with our financial partners which is placed at the heart of our concerns

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Stéphane Cudelou

Vice President

At Walor, all sites share the same values, speak the same industrial language and advance together towards common goals.

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Cyrille Boureau

HR Director

Respecting everyone, encouraging initiatives, speaking without taboos to find solutions, share our passion, this is what we try to do day by day, in a company with a human scale.

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Patrick Lhuillery

Vice President

We are proud of developing to satisfy our customers and our manufacturing teams.

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Our values

In 2018, the group launched the program “ONE WALOR”, a true cultural transformation, the project required to adapt the organization of Walor to its new size.
To support our actions, our managers rely on strong values.


Transparency, honesty, trust


Flexibility, responsiveness, dynamism, adaptability, solutions, service


Technical mastery, commitment, expertise, quality


Respect, benevolence, empathy, proximity