Walor Suzhou was founded in 2012 to be closer to the Chinese car market.
Located near Shanghai, the plant can easily supply parts to customers such as SNOP in Southern China, Bosch Huayu Steering Systems in East China, or BMW in the Northeast region.

With a continuous transfer of know-how and an international project team, the Suzhou plant manufactures high-precision machined and cold forged automotive components used in steering systems, engine crankcase connectors and parts for new electric versions.

Walor Suzhou’s production process follows the group’s standards, backed by the local team’s expertise and automation systems, to provide ready-to-assemble components.
Variable delivery options are possible, the just in time of the supply chain, with raw material from Europe and the addition of added value in China: a 100% localized production, the assurance of flexibility for customers.
Walor’s local presence in a dynamic and innovative customer-focused environment in China is a key strategic factor for the group’s development.

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Walor Suzhou

Zhong Lu Ecological Park, Lu Zhong Road,
Pingwang Town, Wujiang, Suzhou