Walor Vöhrenbach has a long tradition as a family business. Founded by the DOLD family in 1863, the business started with woodworking. The link with presses began in 1920 with a focus on the manufacture of hot-formed cuckoo fronts made of wood under press. Walor Vöhrenbach has been part of the Walor International Group since the end of 2017.

This merger and the complementary nature of the business lines enable the Vöhrenbach plant to position itself as amajor player on the automotive parts market for both manufacturers and their direct suppliers. This new dimension combines the advantages of cold forging with those of bar turning for the production of large series parts. The Black Forest, known among other things for its famous cuckoos, is the region where the activities of micromechanics (watchmaking) and woodworking cross paths. The last generation of the Dold family at the head of the company has given a new direction to the development of the site by orienting the manufacturing towards cold forging. Over the years, Walor Vöhrenbach has become a key player in cold forging in Germany and has been able to convince the best car manufacturers of the benefits they can derive from this precision technology.

Accompanying our customers towards increasingly finished products, ready for vehicle assembly, has expanded our technical competence by combining machining and small assemblies with our core business.


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Walor Vöhrenbach

Langenbacher Strasse 17-19
78147 Vöhrenbach, Germany
Phone +49 7727 5090
SIRET HRB 611462
Capital social 13 000 000€