The Bogny site, created in 1925 by Georges Sergeant Les Ateliers des Janves, specializes in automotive forging and stamping. In November 2018, the Walor group will acquire this manufacturer of high value-added connecting rods.
With its 95 years of experience, the Bogny plant has expert know-how in the supply of automotive parts, shared among its 220 employees.

In its early days, the Bogny plant produced by forging and machining “finger bars” for mowing grass and cereals. At that time, the site was a leader in this field, until the evolution of technologies, which imposed in Bogny a change of field of activity towards the heavy truck sector (brake pedals and clutches). In 1970, Bogny expanded its production in the automotive sector (parts for safety components, suspension arms, steering boxes), then connecting rods for engines, until it became the leading connecting rod manufacturer in France and the second in Europe.
This ability to adapt to the market has earned it a world-renowned customer portfolio. Among them are the Renault, Peugeot, Fiat and Volvo automobile groups.


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Walor Bogny

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